Caroline Drabe, CEO of Västerås Science Park

Caroline Drabe, CEO of Västerås Science Park and new board member of IASP
and new board member of IASP
Swedish Incubators & Science Parks asked a couple of questions to the new IASP board member Caroline Drabe, also known as the CEO of Västerås Science Parks about the new assignment and hear her views about the development and current trends within the industry.

Congratulations to the new position – what would you like to achieve within the IASP?

“The development in “our world” goes from bricks to brains. Sweden is far in the frontline and I want to contribute for IASP to take further steps into that direction. It’s already in the IASP strategy but there is much work to be done.”

In your view, what are the most important current trends you identify in the industry of innovation today?

“Focus is on the internet of things and robotics. Internet permeates all and creates a new industrial revolution that will affect our societies in depth. The Internet erases all kinds of borders”.

What issues do you want to highlight and run for in the border of IASP?

“The new phenomenon micro-multinationals arise new demands on science parks and arenas of innovation. How can IASP contribute so our environments become better and more effective to offer services that suits these companies? That’s one issue, surely there are plenty more.”

How do you want IASP to develop in the future?

“IASP has turned from being an organisation for science parks only to an association which also include arenas of innovation. Our industry is developing rapidly and it’s important that IASP develops in line with the industry and do not get stuck in old structures. It may sound obvious, but for a world organisation where continents, states and innovation is in different development phases is a complex issue.”

In what ways can the international cross boarder collaboration between science parks in your opinion?

“With crossing border perspective the collaboration must increase. Cooperation is in the end always an activity in between individuals, therefore, meetings needs to be created, both virtual and physical. To make it possible for many to participate and arrange meetings is therefore an issue of great importance. We also need to be better to support micro-multinationals and that demands collaboration. Perhaps can the needs of these SMEs be a catalyser?”

Finally, what the most important insight from the IASP conference in Moscow you bring home?

“The subject of science parks for kids got highlighted several times from different countries. It’s clear that the internet and the tech revolution also have an impact for children in the younger years. The more they learn in the early years affect the output of research, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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