Information & Application
A membership in the association can be granted by incubators and science parks, both established and those under development. Membership applications will be sent to the board with mandate to approve or reject the application. When necessary, the board owns the right to revise a membership, with no regards to time frames or forms of membership.
To become a member
To apply for a potential membership, contact SISP’s CEO Magnus Lundin at Please include the following in your application:
Purpose and Ambition
Organization and Ownership/Management structure
Connection to University
This information serves as a foundation for the board to approve or reject an application, with reference to related bylaws.
Various forms of membership
Direct members
A direct membership can be granted to organizations meeting a certain set of criteria, which accord with IASP’s definition of science and technology parks (STP’s) and/or NBIA’s definition of business incubators.
Associated members
An associated membership can be granted to organizations working within the same field as the other members, however with a structure that do not follow the complete set of criteria. An associated member must instead be considered to bring new value into the function of a technology and science park or a business incubator, as well as cooperating with one or more geographically close members of the association.
Associated members own the right to attend and express their opinion during meetings with the association. However, they do not own the right to participate in the association’s decision making.
New technology and science parks as well as business incubators which do not yet fulfill the complete set of criteria can be offered an associated membership until they do.
Members admission
A direct membership will include 1 vote per assembly and come with an admission of 20 000 SEK, i.e. 20 000 SEK for the company and an additional 20 000 SEK per legal entity.
A membership in Swedish Incubators & Science Parks costs 20 000 SEK per year. 500 SEK is a member’s fee whereas the remaining 19500 SEK (excluding tax) is a service cost (including value added tax).
As a member of the SISP association, you will:
- Be a part of transforming the industry through communal efforts and through exchanging experiences with the other members. Organized in gatherings, an annual assembly as well as an annual industry conference, continuous educational offerings and thematically held meetups, the association develop processes and projects that serves to support the members’ organizations, value creation efforts, and environments.
- Contribute to a strengthened and continuously growing industry, from a local as well as a global perspective. This is achieved by Your representation and active participation in key events and processes, as well as Your continuous dialogue with key stakeholders and decision makers.
- Formulate a static foundation to prove Your park as an attractive incubators environment as well as the growth efficiency created there.
Swedish Incubators & Science Parks serves to communalize the efforts of the members while simultaneously allowing our nation’s key actors to take part of the results.