Gothia Science Park


Postal Address
Gothia Science Park
Box 133, 54123 Skövde

Visiting Address
Kanikegränd 3
Kaplansgatan 16
Bangårdsgatan 6
541 34 Skövde

Tel: 0500-44 89 54
Fax: 0500-44 89 59

Gothia Science Park is a technology and research park located in Skövde. In Gothia Science Park there are companies and entrepreneurs who develop and sell technical innovation, service innovation and market innovation. There are also actors whose purpose is to facilitate entrepreneurship and development. The closest neighbour is the University of Skövde with students ready to become the next corporate recruitment and researchers who can be partners in research and development.

Gothia Science Park's profile area is information technology with services and applications in a number of areas. Among the companies in Gothia Science Park, there are also engineering and product development companies matched with knowledge and service suppliers.

Gothia Science Park is a place where processes, methods and procedures are fully integrated in its natural environment. When start-ups and established companies are mixed with funders and researchers, creative meetings are stimulated. This creates favourable conditions for an increased flow of ideas, new development, new businesses in new industries and a greater collaboration between industry, academia and the public.

Gothia Science Park is located within a five minute walk from the railway station, which makes it efficient to get to us by train from Gothenburg, Stockholm, Jönköping, Malmö and Linköping. There are approximately 500 people working in Gothia Science Park and the goal is to double the number of employees until 2016.

Gothia Science Park is operated by Gothia Innovation AB. Gothia Innovation's areas of expertise are innovation consultancy, business and corporate development and process management. The company operates a business incubator, Gothia Science Park Incubator – one of the leading incubators in Sweden, and an arena for cooperation, Gothia Science Park Open Arena – one of six collaborative platforms in the region.