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Innovation Skåne offer entrepreneurs and innovators professional advice, relevant networking and partnerships - free of cost. We help hundreds of entrepreneurs every year in their ambitions to become internationally successful companies, companies that create new jobs, solve global challenges and make the world a better place. We don't offer workspace, we don't take share or invest money in the startups. We do provide exclusive hands-on business development of new ideas also to Region Skåne employees, and access to established businesses in need of clinical trials, testbeds and the Region Skåne innovation procurement department. Another important focus area for us is seizing the opportunities for new industries to grow from research and other favorable conditions this we do through the projects: Materials Business Center, Lightning Metropolis and Urban Magma. We also work on constantly improving the Swedish innovation system. We interact with other innovation supporters around the world for new perspectives and ideas, we aim for smarter cooperation with established industries and help the government and public bodies understand the needs of stabile entrepreneurship. We import new methods from other countries, develop some on our own and try them out in pioneering projects. Right now we are in leadership of two projects: Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link and Business Incubation 2020. Our much appreciated method Power Hour® and our industry partner program are just a couple of those successful methods that we choose to continue keep in our tool box.